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Janet Milner-Walker is a respected authority in building brands across the beauty, spa, and wellness industry from ‘concept to shelf’. She is the founder and director of Bespoke Advantage, a beauty brand management company based in London, a consultant, a mentor, and a speaker. Over the past twenty years she has built a stellar reputation for providing her expertise to start-ups and blue-chip companies based in the UK and further afield. Janet speaks at industry events, on webinars and podcasts and writes for several publications.

Janet’s passion in the beauty industry stems from her earlier career. Initially studying to be a chartered accountant she switched courses to train as a retail buyer, and she became the buyer for Kanebo Cosmetics in South Africa. From there her career drew her to the UK and Dubai, and she has held positions for companies including Global Product Director for Crabtree & Evelyn; Head of Beauty Buying & Merchandising for Harvey Nichols and Areej, Al Tayer Group; Global Marketing Manager for Forevermark, De Beers Group, and senior buying and product development positions for M&S, Boots, Body Shop.

She founded Bespoke Advantage as a beauty brand management company in 2017 to work with clients to develop purposeful brands that have a positive impact on people’s health, beauty, and wellbeing. Their award-winning portfolio of clients includes trichologists, make-up artists, pharmacists turned skincare entrepreneurs, private investment companies and established beauty and wellness companies based in the UK and internationally.

Why Not Celebrate Veganism for a Month?

Between 2014 and 2019 the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled – January 2021 there are reported to be over 79 million vegans based globally. What does it take to become registered as a vegan beauty brand? Janet Milner-Walker discusses more in Yorkshire Business Woman, December 2021, pages 26 – 30.

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Ayurveda - The Science of Life

Ayurveda has been around for more than 7000 years. Of late there are more Ayurveda brands launching into the UK, whilst not ‘new age’ it appears we are more in touch with our needs. Janet Milner-Walker sheds the light on Ayurveda in Topic UK, December 2021, pages 82 – 85.

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The Future of Beauty Looks Solid

Beauty, like fashion, creates a lot of waste, not all packaging related but that also comes from other parts of the supply chain.  Janet Milner-Walker shares more on the impact of the beauty industry on global warming – Yorkshire Business Woman, November 2021.

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Shopping for Beauty Online

Traditionally we associated beauty with skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, however this category has shifted significantly as consumers focus more on ‘inner and outer beauty’. Janet Milner-Walker  shares more on what’s driving sales in the beauty industry on page 88 – 91 of Topic UK’s October 2021 edition.

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The Fantasy of Fragrance

Fragrances have the power to capture memories – our first kiss, weddings, the birth of our first child, churches and funerals, long balmy summer holidays and cold winter retreats. Janet Milner-Walker shares the latest trends in the fragrance industry on page 47 – 49 in Yorkshire Business Woman September 2021.

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Destination Spas

Spas are now designed to also address health and wellbeing, from the inside out through wellness resorts, laughter therapy, hypnosis, thermae, thalassos, medispas and health clinics. Janet Milner-Walker shares insights into what this means for the future of spas on page 78 – 79 in the latest edition of SalonEvo UK, Sept/Oct 21

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Beauty and the Modern Man

Gone are the days when men secretly sample their other halves beauty products. Our founder Janet shares more on the trends shaping the men’s grooming industry on page 62 and 63 in Topic UK’s August 2021 edition.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The haircare category has seen changes throughout the pandemic, whilst introducing a number of new trends. Read our feature in the latest Salon Evo UK mag. P.94-95 July/August 2021.

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Virtual & Touchless - Is this the future of spas?

Having spent the past year cocooned indoors, we have been recreating spa experiences from the comfort of our homes.  Janet Milner-Walker shares what this means for the future of spas, page 88 – 89 in Salon Evo North America

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Beauty Reset 2021

Events over the past year have certainly been interesting in more ways than one. Not only have we have had to explore a new way of living and working online, but we have learnt how to pamper ourselves from the comfort of our homes. Janet Milner-Walker shares how this has changed our beauty habits, read more on page 78 – 80 in Topic UK June 2021 edition.

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Deep Diving into Sustainable Beauty

‘The Attenborough Effect’ is purported to have led to a 53% decrease in the use of single use plastic, 82% of whom now consider sustainable packaging key to their choice when selecting products (GlobalWebIndex).  Janet Milner-Walker explores trends driving the industry with consideration for our planet in Salon EvoUK page P82 – 83, May/June 2021.

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The True Meaning of Clean Beauty in 2021

Clean beauty has been an all-encompassing umbrella for several terms, with people confused about its true meaning, Janet Milner-Walker shares more on what clean beauty truly means in Yorkshire Business Woman April 2021.

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The Big Idea

We have all heard about the ‘Big Idea’ in business. If you are staring at a blank screen pondering on how to get started, read page 68 in Yorkshire Businesswoman where Janet Milner-Walker shares more about how to come up with a relevant idea for developing a business in the beauty, spa and wellness industry.

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The Virtual Reality of Beauty in 2021

2020 was the year we learnt to embrace Zoom, Teams and YouTube tutorials for work and play. With client-facing businesses opening and closing throughout the year technology was the way forward, Janet Milner-Walker shares how technology has influenced consumers needs for beauty products and services, in Salon EvoUK March/April 2021.

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The Changing Face of Beauty

Traditionally the beauty industry is a resilient one. The pandemic has been different – brands and businesses have pivoted to sell their products and services online with YouTube videos and virtual reality becoming the new norm. Janet Milner-Walker shares how technology has changed the industry on pages 54 – 57 in Yorkshire Business Woman.

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Building a Purposeful Beauty Brand

Throughout 2020 people have approached Bespoke Advantage to support them in launching a purpose-driven beauty and wellness business, over the next few months Janet Milner-Walker will be sharing more on how to go about developing a brand in this industry. Read more on page 84 in Topic UK January 2021.

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Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key trends shaping the rise of beauty activism

‘Beauty has become a playground for activism. It may not always be a safe space for brands to play in, but those who get it right have much to gain’ …

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Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest skin care trends in new report

‘Skin care continues to glow with opportunity. This report identifies how brands can differentiate and stay relevant for the future’ …

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Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 biggest future-facing colour cosmetics trends in new report

Are you thinking about launching a cosmetic brand? ‘Colour cosmetics is experiencing its toughest time in years, but by focusing on digital

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Cosmetics Business reveals the 5 key bath and body trends in new report

‘Amid a dynamic and fast-changing bath and body care market, brand distinction, and a driving purpose, is everything’ …

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Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key beauty start-up trends and advice in new report

‘Fearless and fast-moving, beauty start-ups continue to set new standards for the beauty industry amid the current crisis. This report reveals how to start out in beauty’ …

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Would you Pay $2 for Someone Else's Half Finished Lipstick?

As strange as this may sound, there has been a trend in buying second hand cosmetics? Although with Coronavirus, this may well come to an end.

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BW Confidential Beauty Insight

‘A bespoke approach to developing beauty products doesn’t necessarily provide a brand with economies of scale at the moment, and in some cases can be a very costly option’…

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